TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE)


The foremost and most widely known event that TiE hosts is TiECon, which is the largest professional and networking conference for entrepreneurs. TiE also hosts a wide range of programs and events catering to various industry verticals. There are educational events hosted by TiE Institute, TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) program to foster entrepreneurship in our youth, and TiE Women’s Forum for empowering women entrepreneurs.

  • » Encourage Entrepreneurial Mindset from early age and provide insight into Entrepreneurship
  • » Develop business plan acumen and communication skills
  • » Discover the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship
  • » Nurture to be a well rounded personality with leadership qualities
  • » Instil confidence to lead in a global environment
  • » Strengthen team building acumen and collaboration amongst participants
  • » 9 sessions of Design thinking for students Hands-on workshops Business plan development
  • » Mentoring Support
  • » Business Plan Competition at the Chapter Level
  • » Top winning team can represent Kolkata Chapter at the International Level
TYE 2017-18
  • » Introduction to Entrepreneurship – Mr Atanu Ghosh, Founder & CEO, BlueBeaks Solutions LLP
  • » Design Thinking – Mr Chandradeep Mitra, CEO, PIPALMAJIK
  • » Finance – Mr Atanu Ghosh, Founder & CEO, BlueBeaks Solutions LLP
  • » Marketing – Chandradeep Mitra, CEO, PIPALMAJIK
  • » Business Models- Mr Charanpreet Singh, CEO & Director, AIM Education Pvt. Ltd.
  • » Legal Foundation & IP – Mr Atanu Ghosh, Founder & CEO, BlueBeaks Solutions LLP
  • » Communication /Team Building – Mr Atanu Ghosh, Founder & CEO, BlueBeaks Solutions LLP


To offer a global business plan competition along with structured curriculum, geared to educate and groom high school students as entrepreneurs and future leaders. The curriculum includes mentor based programs, inspirational talks, hands-on class room instruction and design thinking workshops, conducted by established industry stalwarts to foster innovation, leadership skills, creativity and self-confidence.


Empower youth worldwide to be entrepreneurial and lead in a dynamic global environment through a unique integrated curriculum that can be modelled to meet local economic and social challenges.