TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE)


TYE (TiE Young entrepreneurs) is a TiE Global initiative dedicated to chapters integrating classroom sessions, mentoring and business plan competition aimed at High School students (grades 9-12 or equivalent college students are allowed). TYE is designed to teach high school students entrepreneurship and leadership skills. The TYE program is designed for a 16 week period, which includes class room instruction, design thinking workshops, mentoring support for business plan development, and culminates with business plan competition.

  • » Encourage Entrepreneurial Mindset from early age and provide insight into Entrepreneurship
  • » Develop business plan acumen and communication skills
  • » Discover the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship
  • » Nurture to be a well rounded personality with leadership qualities
  • » Instil confidence to lead in a global environment
  • » Strengthen team building acumen and collaboration amongst participants
  • » 9 sessions of Design thinking for students Hands-on workshops Business plan development
  • » Mentoring Support
  • » Business Plan Competition at the Chapter Level
  • » Top winning team can represent Kolkata Chapter at the International Level
TYE 2017-18
  • » Introduction to Entrepreneurship – Mr Atanu Ghosh, Founder & CEO, BlueBeaks Solutions LLP
  • » Design Thinking – Mr Chandradeep Mitra, CEO, PIPALMAJIK
  • » Finance – Mr Atanu Ghosh, Founder & CEO, BlueBeaks Solutions LLP
  • » Marketing – Chandradeep Mitra, CEO, PIPALMAJIK
  • » Business Models- Mr Charanpreet Singh, CEO & Director, AIM Education Pvt. Ltd.
  • » Legal Foundation & IP – Mr Atanu Ghosh, Founder & CEO, BlueBeaks Solutions LLP
  • » Communication /Team Building – Mr Atanu Ghosh, Founder & CEO, BlueBeaks Solutions LLP


To offer a global business plan competition along with structured curriculum, geared to educate and groom high school students as entrepreneurs and future leaders. The curriculum includes mentor based programs, inspirational talks, hands-on class room instruction and design thinking workshops, conducted by established industry stalwarts to foster innovation, leadership skills, creativity and self-confidence.


Empower youth worldwide to be entrepreneurial and lead in a dynamic global environment through a unique integrated curriculum that can be modelled to meet local economic and social challenges.